CTB Solutions

CTB is creating a managed network services business providing:

  1. carriers with cost effective network offload solutions,
  2. programmers, content owners and aggregators with direct network access to end users,
  3. and outsourced network option for broadcasters facing FCC spectrum repack/reallocation decisions.

CTB can also provide “White-label” fixed and mobile broadcast-broadband internet access offerings to existing firms looking for a cost effective way to expand their service offerings and improve customer retention.

Why the CTB Solution is Necessary

  • The mobile Internet is choking from insufficient bandwidth.
  • An alternative to 3G and 4G unicast networks is needed because they will not scale.
  • Demand for mobile broadcast-broadband is increasing exponentially.
  • Nielsen expects smartphone penetration to exceed 50% by the end of 2011.
  • Today, there is NO ability to broadcast Internet content.


Why CTB is Uniquely Positioned

  • CTB addresses customer pain: Unicast 3G and 4G carrier networks are suffering from insufficient bandwidth and are unable to satisfy projected demand.
  • Broad potential customer base: Wireless carriers, broadcasters, content owners/aggregators, CDNs, and other network operators.
  • Unique, hybrid network architecture: Broadcast and 2–way unicast capability.
  • Substantial barriers to entry: Spectrum depth and proprietary, patent pending technology enables multi-frequency/channel aggregation and reuse.
  • Strong management team: Experienced and well connected within the broadcast and wireless communications industries.
  • Spectrum holdings: Growing footprint and pipeline, several channels deep per market, provide a valuable, defensible asset base.
  • Regulatory and public policy alignment: CTB’s plan is consistent with the FCCs National Broadband Plan.