CTB’s Proprietary Technology

CTB’s proprietary technology leverages the ATSC standard and developing ecosystem to enable new business models for TV spectrum. CTB’s patent pending “Cellular Terrestrial Broadcasting” technology creates massive increases in capacity by enabling multi-frequency networks (“MFN”) over DTS, and efficient spectrum re-use via cellular like handover technology.

Massive Increase in Capacity

CTB’s proprietary technology enables a high capacity broadcast-broadband content delivery network by co-locating cellularized and sectorized UHF TV channels.

Bypassing Existing Carrier Bottlenecks

Mobile data and content distribution is costing carriers up to $20 per GB transferred. The CTB solution bypasses carrier backhaul networks and radio access networks at less than 5% of their costs.

Leveraging Existing Devices & Standards

CTB’s solution leverages existing devices (digital televisions, USB dongle enabled laptops, set-top boxes, and game consoles; all WiFi devices when paired with ATSC-M/H receivers, and ATSC-MH early handset & netbook OEMs including LG, Samsung, and Dell) and existing standards (ATSC-M/H, etc).

CTB can deliver multiple payloads on a single ATSC transport stream including (but not limited to), digital television, broadband Internet, and M/H.

CTB’s Intellectual Property

CTB’s patent coverage includes:

  • Cellular Digital TV broadcasting system for multi-frequency networks to dramatically increase capacity
  • Handoff without requiring an upstream communications return path

The company has applied for 12 Patents between May, 2005 and March, 2010, in the U.S.A., the EU, China, Japan and Korea. The first round of provisioning is complete.