Management Team

Vernon L. Fotheringham, Chairman

Mr. Fotheringham is an internationally recognized leader and successful entrepreneur in the wireless broadband communication industry. Throughout his career he has been a catalyst for innovation and change in telecommunications through numerous direct entrepreneurial activities: acting as advisor on many successful projects for major service providers, system vendors, software application developers and Internet service companies; as a public policy and regulatory advocate for the creation of new telecommunications services, FCC rules and IEEE standards; and, as an inventor and creator of new and innovative products and services.

Previously, Mr. Fotheringham was President and CEO of ADAPTIX, a world leader in the development of next-generation broadband wireless system technology. ADAPTIX pioneered and secured global patent protection for the core technology of the IEEE.802.16e standard that is now embedded in Mobile WiMAX and LTE technologies. At ADAPTIX, he raised $44 million to fund the company post-acquisition of the Broadstorm assets. Beforehand, Mr. Fotheringham served as President and CEO of Broadstorm, the pioneering OFDMA technology development company.

Earlier, Mr. Fotheringham served as CEO and Chairman of Bazillion, a national VoIP service provider. At Bazillion, he was involved in raising $67 million to build the first national VoIP network providing toll quality voice services. In addition, Mr. Fotheringham served as Founder, CEO and Chairman of Advanced Radio Telecom (ART), a publicly traded wireless Internet Service Provider and CLEC. ART held broadband radio spectrum licenses for 207 major markets in the U.S. and five countries in Europe.  At ART, he was responsible for raising $225 million in the company’s NASDAQ initial public offering and subsequent public debt financings.

Mr. Fotheringham also serves as a Principal in V. Fotheringham and Associates. In this capacity he has provided management consulting services to several large technology companies, including Intelsat General Corp. and, as Acting Chief Technical Officer, Nextlink Wireless.

Highlights of his career activities include direct participation in the development and international expansion of the cellular telephone industry on four continents; the creation and development of the mobile satellite and satellite audio broadcasting industry with Omninet (now Qualcomm), AMSC (now SkyTerra) and Norcom Networks (now Wireless Matrix); spearheading nationwide air-to-ground communication services with Claircom (now AT&T Mobility); winning the first GSM license in Hong Kong for SmarTone; pioneering digital satellite broadcasting as Founder of Digital Satellite Broadcasting Corporation; and, founding the millimetric microwave industry with the creation of both ART, as a service provider, and WaveTrace (now Harris), a the pioneering point-to-multipoint microwave equipment manufacture. Mr. Fotheringham is the co-author of Wireless Broadband: Conflict and Convergence, co-authored by Chetan Charma.

Shigeaki (Shey) Hakusui, Founder and CTO

Mr. Hakusui is a highly respected and experienced inventor and entrepreneur. He is known for developing new and innovative solutions by finding unique technology perspectives with a fusion of different fields of science. He is an expert in both software and hardware, both analog and digital circuitry, and quantum mechanics and optics. Previously he was the President and CEO of Harmonix Corporation, where he invented and produced Gigalink, the world’s fastest radio link at 60GHz. His efforts led directly to the FCC establishing regulations for the commercialization of the 60 GHz frequency bands. Harmonix manufactured the first (and the only FCC certified) radio link product for Part 15 production. He sold the company to Terabeam, Inc. (now Proxim Wireless Corp.)

Mr. Hakusui has founded several companies with his inventions: Symbies, Inc. (Multi-Dimensional Modular Virtual PBX); PARTHENON (Programmable Hardware with Silicon Compiler); Digital Medicine, Inc. (Digital Electro Cardiogram); BiT Corp. (Portable Library of Congress Book Reader); and BiT Group (Communication Laser Normalizer). He has provided technology consulting and advisory services to major telecom companies including Nippon Telephone and Telegram (NTT), NTT Data, and Softbank. He has also consulted with Wolfram Research (Mathematica), Thinking Machine, and Sumitomo Corp.

Mr. Hakusui received his BA in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and continued graduate studies at MIT under Prof. Jerome Friedman until he started his first company.